Covid-19 and Us

Since my only “employee” is my husband, we have not had to make any changes in how we operate.  The Outpost has asked that we wear masks when making deliveries, which is great.  Due to liability concerns, and the fact that there would be no one available to transact orders, I am not able to have customers pick up at our location.

I sincerely hope you are all staying well and able to cope with the implications of this pandemic.  Spending time in the garden, growing our own food may provide some solace.

7 thoughts on “Covid-19 and Us”

  1. I’m so excited and hoping you have your plants I tried for the first time last year at Outpost Mke. Your Blond Kopfchen and red cherry (? Sweet Pea Currant?) and San Marzano, also Lavender, Basil and Parsley plants. My first time trying Maggie’s was last year and all were the BEST! Thank you and here’s hoping to see you there tomorrow! (I even love your labels that I use as bookmarks)


    1. Not much left today but did get all that’s there, some peppers. I’ll have to check back at Outpost Mke Friday, when they said you’ll deliver again. Need Lavender still and ESPECIALLY Red Onion sets or bulbs if possible. Thank you for replying and your excellent plants, Maggie.


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